Saturday, 21 December 2013


"Work fills up a large part of our lives. To be happy, it is imperative that we like what we do.Most of us are guided into a career by our parents,families and surrounding environment largely on the basis of time tested conventional careers. Some step out of the charted path along the way and choose what they want to do and there are some whom the work chooses,what is usually termed as destiny by people."
 Found these lines while reading a book called"My life my rules"...

These lines got me thinking that I fall into category of people whom the work chooses by destiny!!

We travelled a lot after marriage. By the time i used to decide to work, we would move again.

Its been 6 years since we came back from US and life has completely changed for me and Deepak after that..we both lost our mothers and recently my dad.. and never thought life can be like this..though we carry on as normal people as nothing happened but we know that void will always be there no matter what..There is not even a single day when we don't think of our parents and ask ourselves questions..what if..what if..

There are many unanswered questions to which we don't have answers but still keep on asking ourselves..
 Its been six months since i lost my dad. I was very angry at God and surprised at uncertainties of life. As a child we always think our parents will be always with us..helping us, supporting us and guiding us at every step.We never realise that they can also leave us. Parents are needed at every step of life and no matter how old you get.. you still need someone elder to show you the right way..

For me dance is one thing which has kept me going and i tried to keep myself so busy so that I cannot think of anything else. Sometimes I feel guilty about this also... but i know if i am idle even for a day..its very difficult not to think of my parents and not to think of how much I miss them everyday...

"Its good you r so busy with your work" Deepak always tells me and encourage me.
 He knows how difficult it is for me  but he is always there to support me and make me strong.
Thanks Deepak for everything and for being there always when i needed you the most and never doubting my decisions.

I'm not a "dancer" but I did dance when I was little. I always felt the need to dance though. Even when I'm really tired I find myself dancing around the house. When I teach myself a new dance move I get this rush of happiness and when I'm dancing all my worries go away . I have such a passion for it.

Being a dietitian, I don't know how my passion became my profession but I have no regrets.

 I always want to remember my parents happily and with good memories and I guess dance is helping me in that and I believe it can improve our life too.
As they say "Make passion your profession and you will never regret it" .


  1. "Make passion your profession and you will never regret it"....absolutely true. Well written deepa!