Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Entrepreneurial bug- Has it bitten you yet?

Today in India, people are moving from established organisations to new age ventures. Many youngsters in their mid to late twenties are venturing into start-ups. So many things have changed over the past few years with regard to careers. Earlier, it was enough to know what industry you wanted to be in. If you apply for a job in that field with a decent resume and a college degree was enough to get your dream job.

Today that is not the case. The idea of a "stable and secure” pay check is surely not the same as it was few years ago. 
After the success of quite a few start-ups lately, there is a good change in attitude of people towards working at start-ups.

Making money and profit is just as hard now as it was in the past but today there is lot of passion to start a new venture.  
Earlier there were older people with experience competing in the marketplace. After certain amount of experience, they used to think we are smart enough to start a new venture. On the other hand, young people are doing start-ups because everyone who pass out of college thinks they are smarter and want to take over the world.

They have lots of ideas for a start-up. They just jump into world of entrepreneurship without any experience and guidance.

If they would have spent some time being MENTORED rather than rushing things, they would be more successful in the long term. With proper guidance and mentoring, one can learn many new things which can really help in a start-up. It makes sense to get proper guidance from experienced people to avoid stumbling in your business later.

IITK Alumni Association is bringing together some of the most influential VCs, entrepreneurs and business leaders who will provide you deep insight into how to build your start-up from ground-up and navigate through your early days.
If you are an early stage start-up or even if you're just sitting on the fence contemplating doing your own gig, then you must not miss this event.

It organizes start-up Master Class, for budding entrepreneurs to provide them with mentorship and possible investment opportunities. Follow the link to know more and register yourself for the workshop and the event coming up soon.
Ticket Price: 800 Rs (Includes Business Connect Lunch at Marriott, Workshops, One on One with Investors/VCs, networking with like-minded people and successful entrepreneurs).

Venue: 27th Feb, 2016 at Marriott Whitefield, Bengaluru.

Watch this video and I am sure many of you can relate to this,

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